Gaylord Palms

My friend and I went to Gaylord Palms for the weekend. Gaylord Palms is a huge hotel, with a (very fast) lazy river, 3 giant water slides, a giant sandcastle play place, a flow rider, and 2 pools!!! There was so much to do there, and we wished we could stay longer. There were also restaurants and mini-shops that you could look and eat at too!!!

Tie-Dye Twins!!!

Elizabeth’s 11th Birthday

I went to Gaylord Palms with my friend Elizabeth, to celebrate her 11th birthday!!! we had a special geode cake made with rock candy, swam in the pool, and then headed off to Disney Springs for a super special birthday treat!!!!

Terralina: Crafted Italian

Going to Sleep at 1am!!!

After staying late at Disney Springs, we headed back to the hotel for some more masked fun!!!

After Disney Springs, Elizabeth and I wanted to chill in our HILARIOUS masks!!!!! Thanks to Elizabeth’s mom bringing a whole supply, I got to be a lovely llama, and Elizabeth was a precious panda!!!

Saying Goodbye…

The next day before Elizabeth and her mom left, my family came and joined us at the pool for some more fun!!!

Elizabeth, my sister, and I, in the lazy river!!!


Me and my Family

After Elizabeth left, my family stayed for some more fun, before all four of us would stay the night together!!!!

My dad is under a waterfall!!!
Family in front of the sandcastle play place!!!

Swimming in what I call the: “Original Pool” because it is where Elizabeth and I first put out stuff down when we went swimming for the first time. I also call it that because it is more of a relaxing place, and less of a chaotic pool like all the others.

Water Slide!!!

My sister Becca, trying out the floor-drop water slide for the first time!!!
Me trying the floor-drop water slide for the first time!!!!
Sisters by the water slide!!!

Going to Sleep (earlier than 1am)

Thanks to Elizabeth’s mom for leaving the extra masks behind, my sister and I got to do masks together in our that night!!!! Except instead of being a llama, I got to be an openhearted otter and my sister was a cheery cheetah!!!

Otter and cheetah!!!!

Sarah’s Tie-Dye Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!

My younger cousin, Sarah decided to do a tie-dye birthday party for her seventh birthday this year!!! So she invited a handful of her friends over for some tie-dye fun!!! We enjoyed eating tacos, tie-dying shirts and scrunchies, and eating a specially made, tie-dye cactus cake!!!

Sarah eating a special tie-dye cactus cake, made by her, and her friend Caitlin who lives next door.


Tie-Dye Time!!!


Cake and Presents!!!

My First Friend Sleepover!!!!

This summer, I had my very first friend sleepover!!!! We went to SeaWorld, rode the Mako coaster 3 times, and partied to SeaWorld’s “Electric Ocean.”

Sea World

Having fun in the underwater walkthrough!!!
Walkin’ through Sea World!!

“Electric Ocean” and FIREWORKS


And finally, to end the night, a firework spectacular!!!

Jojo’s 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday to You…

Happy Birthday to Gracie Jojo!! Jojo is 3 years old!!! 1+1+1!!! Happy Birthday, Jojo!!!


PAW PATROL Water Slide!!!

Three-year-old Jojo (Nickname: Joey) has followed in her older cousin Becca’s footsteps and now has a love for PAW PATROL, a show about cartoon dogs who help Ryder save their city from harm. So this year on her birthday, this is what she asked for.

Jojo’s 3rd Birthday Party!!! PAW PATROL Water Slide/ Bounce House, slip n’ slides, and mini pools all in her front yard!!!

Presents and Cake

Special “Happy Birthday” cupcakes for little Jojo!!! My sweet little 3-year-old cousin is enjoying her water-filled birthday with rainbow cupcakes!!!

Little Jojo showing off her rainbow cupcake!!!

Everybody surrounded the birthday girl to watch her open presents!!! Jojo stood on her chair as people passed her cards and gifts, everyone excited to see her reaction!!!

Jojo’s sweet older sister Sarah offers to read her little sister’s birthday card to her!!!
Jojo is opening her birthday presents!!!